Why good puncuation skills are so important

Many people often overlook the value of good punctuation skills and with the invention of auto-correct many people are forgetting how to use it. Communication Skills for Business Professionals (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, and Lewis 2015) shows a good example of just how effective punctuation can be when used properly. The textbooks shows the same paragraph written out twice, only they’re both written with different punctuation . The first example shows a love letter and the second shows what appears to be a bitter break-up note.

Below is another rather unfortunate example of why punctuation is so important.

Image source: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/a-light-hearted-look-at-how-punctuation-can-change-meaning/

In a professional setting, bad punctuation can be costly to the business. A few simple errors can be enough to damage a businesses credibility (Coughlan, 2011). In an ever-increasingly competitive market a business can’t afford to lose credibility. For job-seekers a badly punctuated cover letter or resume could be costing them the chance for an interview.


Cenere, P., Gill, R., Lawson, C., & Lewis, M. (2015). Communication skills for business professionals. Melbourne, Vic: Cambridge University Press.

Coughlan S (2011). Spelling mistakes ‘cost millions’ in lost online sales http://www.bbc.com/news/education-14130854


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